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Bconnected welcomes you to San Antonio—with free neighborhood welcome gifts and resources!

Finding your way around a new neighborhood can be a real hassle— especially when it comes to finding the reliable services you need. That’s where Bconnected comes in. As your community welcome service, we’re here to personally connect you with the community information, services and contacts you need to settle in to your new neighborhood. 

     Be connected with North San Antonio medical services.

       First things first. If you’re new to North San Antonio, you need to know
       where you can find emergency medical services, doctors, medical clinics,
       hospitals, dentists and veterinary services near you. You’ll find all these
       nearby medical services and more in your FREE welcome gift
       from Bconnected.
                                             •  Doctors                     •  Dentists
                                             •  Hospitals                  •  Veterinarians
                                             •  ERs & Clinics           •  Specialty Physicians

                                              Get guidance on reliable home services.

                                                             When you’re on your own in a new place, it usually takes a good while—not
                                                             to mention a lot of trial and error—to find all the home services you need.
                                                             At Bconnected, we’ll put you in touch with reliable professionals in this neck of
                                                             the woods. From painters, electricians and plumbers to home remodelers and
                                                             landscaping experts, we can save you a lot of time.

                                                             •  Designers                •  Home Security
                                                             •  Handymen               •  Water Softeners
                                                             •  Maids                       •  Pest Control

     Discover fun entertainment in your city.

       Say, where are the best places to eat around here? Or get takeout or home
       delivery? What about movie theaters, fitness centers, libraries and shopping
       malls? You’ll get answers to all these questions and many more with the
       personal services provided by Bconnected. And it’s all free! There’s nothing
       to buy. We’re just here to help you get settled in.

       •  Fitness Centers          •  Churches          •  Retail Shops
       •  Sports                         •  Theaters           •  Restaurants